What Is osCommerce?

The Open Source OsCommerce shopping cart engine is based on PHP. Known as an easy-to-use online store, OSCommerce is available under the GPL license. Online stores can utilize OSCommerce. The e-commerce platform can be completely customized. You have full control over all the features and capabilities of osCommerce since it runs on your web server.

With it, you get the best products available and it partners with experts from around the world to provide the best solutions for any online business.

Online businesses can benefit from free and commercial support. You can contact its community and ask for help with custom modifications, long-term projects, and general assistance. By creating your own online store, you will be able to sell your services and products to customers all over the globe. Additionally, it manages a thriving online business community that includes developers, store owners, and service providers who assist each other through the different stages of a business. An open-source self-hosted e-commerce platform, OSCommerce runs on top of a web server. You can add products and manage sales both on the front end and on the back end.

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What We Serve

1. Application Consultation For osCommerce Open Source Software

Open source adoption, management, governance, and compliance are components of our end-to-end solutions and services. We provide Putting your business vision into practice with an open source roadmap while converting your costs into savings with a team of consultants from different verticals and domains.

2. osCommerce On Premises Installation And Configuration.

Using the AssistNix Configuration Guide, you will find all the information necessary to set up PHP Server Monitor and enable it to communicate with other resources on your network. Furthermore, the Configuration Guide contains instructions on moving users and devices to a control PHP Server Monitor.

3. Issues Fixes On Self Hosted Servers.

There are many advantages to hosting your Cloud Applications with us; for example, reduced expenses, instant deployment, and reduced administration expenses.

Low Maintenance

Allow us to handle all your hardware and software issues so you can focus on your applications. Only worry about maintaining the internet connection.

Anywhere - Anytime

You can have access to your cloud application from anywhere in the world when it is running on an Internet server.

Dedicated Server

An integrated online server hosts your application and provides access to all the systems you need.

Less Risk

You have no risk at all since there are no long-term service contracts. Terralogic only charges you for what you use.

4. osCommerce User Guide & Application Use

Your data is fully under your control when you self-host your software. Your organization's firewall can protect your data. We keep all your critical information in-house and we do not share it with anyone else. Your data can be accessed without an internet connection, which is especially important. In deciding the terms and conditions, you need to know exactly where your data is stored and what regulations need to be met.

5. osCommerce Application SaaS Hosting.

To ensure that our users have a positive experience with AssistNix, we also offer excellent application user guides. The user guide utilizes simple language, images, logical hierarchies and flows, a table of contents, searchable content, easily accessible content, a decent design, as well as references to other resources.

Key Features Of osCommerce

osCommerce has all the features you need to accelerate your business growth and provide exceptional customer experiences. Even though there aren't many features in OSCommerce, it still offers all the features an e-commerce system must have:

List Of Key Features

• Management of the product catalog
• Special discounts and offers.
• Reviews and ratings
• Customer management.
• Language and currency settings.
• Tax management.
• Modules for extension.
• Order management.
• Reports.
• Banner control
• Cache control
• Database backups
• Security checks.

osCommerce Installation

In order to install osCommerce, you need to download it first, and upload it to the server. This can be done through a web browser and is easy to complete. It is time for you to run osCommerce on the website after your files have been uploaded. Type the URL of your site in your browser's address bar. A compatibility check and a welcome screen will appear. In the Server Capabilities section, if all the boxes are checked, click "Install" to start installation.

Click on "Continue" and enter your database information, store name, address, owner, and set time zone accrodingly. You can now customize and sell products on the osCommerce platform. You can access it by clicking the "Administration Tool." button. It would be a good idea to save this page, so you can easily return to it later.

osCommerce is an open source solution for creating your own online store. It runs on a LAMP stack and is a strong alternative to Magento. We need a database for osCommerce.

Server Requirements:

PHP v4+ (v5+ recommended)
MySQL v3+ (v5+ recommended)

Database Initialization:

Create a database to be used by osCommerce as follows:

# mysql -u root -p
# CREATE DATABASE osCommercedb;
# CREATE USER [email protected] IDENTIFIED BY 'osCommercepassword';
# GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES on osCommercedb.* to [email protected] ;
# exit

Download osCommerce and installation:

# cd /tmp

How To Install osCommerce In CentOS

# yum install wget unzip net-tools
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~ Herb Kelleher, Founder of Southwest Airlines

How To Install osCommerce In Ubuntu

# apt install wget unzip net-tools
# wget
# unzip
# mv oscommerce-2.3.4 /var/www/html/


# chmod 777 /var/www/html/oscommerce-2.3.4/catalog/includes/configure.php
# chmod 777 /var/www/html/oscommerce-2.3.4/catalog/admin/includes/configure.php
# chcon -R -t httpd_sys_content_rw_t /var/www/html/oscommerce-2.3.4/


Now open a browser and open the link

Now enter the database entry as created before, in my case it was:

Database Server : localhost
Username : osCommerceuser
Password : osCommercepassword
Database Name : osCommercedb

After filling the values press Continue:

Again it will ask for some details for the web-store. Please fill the values of your choice and requirement. In my case I used:

Store name : Test_store
Store Ownername : Test_owner
Store Owner email-address: [email protected]
Administrator Username : admin
Administrator Password: admin

Admin Tool

FAQs For osCommerce

1. What kind of services Assistnix provide?

At AssistNix, we offer a complete consulting service for open source applications, like PHP Server Monitor, in addition to installing and configuring PHP Server Monitor on-site. If you have issues with your self-hosted server, we offer services to fix the problems, so that you will not face any issues. Apart from all this, we also offer highly professional and trustworthy Magento hosting services. These services can be enjoyed at very low rates as well. The quality of our services is never compromised in our effort to offer affordable rates.

2. Are there Assistnix demos or trial versions available?

There is a demo or trial version of AssistNix available for download. Our trial and demo services have been made available to the general public so that those who are unsure whether they would like to utilize our service can try it out for free.

With AssistNix, you can view a demo of your favourite open source application in real time, with demos of all major open source applications, we provide hosting space and support for community-driven apps. AssistNix provides applications, security, and compliance consultation, maintenance, and support well suited to the specific needs of your organization.

Using our expertise, you can spend your time on business expansion instead of managing applications. You don't need to spend precious time managing infrastructure or specifications because we provide product and technology services.

3. How can I receive Assistnix support?

Contacting AssistNix is a simple and straightforward process. We offer several ways for our clients to reach out to us. According to your membership level, you may contact us by email, phone, via our support portal, or via our support forums. You can always count on our team to provide you with the assistance you need. We will take care of any problem you're experiencing. Our team will respond as soon as possible no matter how you contact us.

4. What are the main features of OsCommerce ?

Product Categories:

Organize your products into a variety of categories and subcategories to attract customers to OsCommerce-based websites. By adding this feature, your customer's choice of products will expand. They do not have to go to other retailers since most of the requirements for their products can be satisfied by this feature.


Web development for OsCommerce has options such as adding, editing, replacing, and offering high discounts. This makes it easy for customers to add the products they want to the shopping cart and get heavy discounts. It is therefore advantageous for an online store to ensure brand loyalty.

Store Development:

It ensures that you don't use E-commerce but OsCommerce instead. It is challenging to maintain and update a website when you are an online merchant, as it was for the E-commerce platform. Your brand is in a better position to deal with the customers if you use OsCommerce as the platform for your product.

Easy Search Option

You can use OsCommerce as a product-specific search engine. Users can choose from a variety of products by filtering according to price, color, size, brand, and dealer. In addition to bringing popularity to the website, it makes buying easier for clients by allowing them to search for their favorite products.

5. How much does OsCommerce cost?

It is completely free to use osCommerce. Just go to the website and download the program. Having said that, you will be faced with additional costs:

•There is a need for a hosting plan. If you're on a budget, they start at around $5 per month (quality hosts will cost more).

• For your store, you will need a domain name. Domain names cost about $10 a year.

• Lastly, you will need to pay for good design and templates, or for any extensions you want to add to your online store.

6. Who are the typical users of OsCommerce?

Businesses, startups, SMEs, freelancers, and enterprises are the typical users of OsCommerce. The benefits of using OsCommerce are that it is simple to use, easy to set up, and easy to keep running. If you're just looking for an easy solution to test the e-commerce waters, then OsCommerce is probably not the right solution for you. Rather, you should start with more feature-rich and functional solutions. You might want to consider osCommerce if you want something simple and easy to use. You might decide to use something more robust if you're dealing with huge scales.

7. Which operating system does OsCommerce support?

You can install osCommerce Online Merchant on any website server with PHP installed and that can access a database. There are also shared servers and dedicated servers, cloud computing instances, as well as local installations that use Unix, Linux, Mac OS X, BSD, and Microsoft Windows.

8. What payment method does OsCommerce support?

Currently, there are the following options for online payment. Some of them are: SecurePay, BrainTree,, PayPal, WorldPay, SagePay, LiqPay, OxiPay.

9. What is the deployment type?

The deployment of OsCommerce is cloud-based.

10. Which mobile platforms does OsCommerce support?

The Oscommerce platform does not have mobile compatibility at the moment .

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